Art 295 study guide

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Art 295 study guide

Ken Schwab, retired art teacher Here is a list of topics that will be on the final: FORM - has depth, 3-D, forms are solid objects. Also called the center of interest, focal point.

RHYTHM - the position of shapes, colors and values that work well with each other and help to produce directional movement. BALANCE - the use of common elements throughout the format so that one area is not left without some of these elements.

Color, values, textures, objects can be balanced. All of the objects and things in the world can be simplified to these forms. This is how you can draw more complicated forms by looking at the basic forms with in the objects and how they are constructed.

Thick and thin line produce variety. This can be created with a pencil by changing the pressure on the paper and by using small circular movements. A gradation can be made by overlapping soft layers of two colors. Every color has a complement and every complementary pair has a warm color and a cool color.

It is called browns and is the source of a more natural color in nature. It can also be used to create shadows. The Tempera paint can be thinned with water and with a heavy application of crayon the paint will resist the areas of crayon and go into the spaces left blank.

Flattens to 2-d, shapes instead of forms.

The closer the lines or dots are together the darker the area will become. You can use any combination of lines to produce a drawing.

Art 295 study guide

Always start with the darkest area first. The aesthetic center of interest is located directly in the middle of the format. Green, yellow and red are the primary colors. The color wheel is another way of showing the Chromatic scale.

A contour line is a single line that describes the outside edge of the object. A shape is flat and 2-dimensional.

Yellow-green is an intermediate color. Negative space is the area you would call the background. Color Theory can be broken down into 3 groups. Texture is an element of design. There are 10 principles of good design. Rhythm between shapes or objects helps create directional movement.

The Crayon Resist project was taken from Gothic Illuminations. The focal point, or an area of emphasis are two very different things in design theory. Value refers to dark and light. Tempera Paint mixed with water will not resist crayon or wax. Asymmetrical balance is also called informal balance.

Black and white are in the chromatic scale. Color is not an element of design.

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