Benefits of hosting olympics

Read more about sharing. Because by giving the Qatari capital the chance to stage a week of running, jumping and throwing, the governing body had to let them do it away from the blast furnace that is the Gulf state's summer. This means "the world's third biggest sports event" will start on the last weekend of September, in the middle of Japan's hosting of the Rugby World Cup, which itself claims to be the "third biggest sports event in the world".

Benefits of hosting olympics

Benefits of hosting olympics

The strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement ensures that all Olympic host cities look closely at sustainability when they are planning and staging the Olympic Games, but many past host cities can already point to concrete examples of their own sustainability efforts.

The Olympic Games Sydneyfor example, worked hard to minimize the environmental impact of the event, with the Olympic venues built using sustainable materials and designed with a strong focus on energy and water conservation. Furthermore, construction of the Sydney Olympic Park led to the restoration of approximately hectares of badly degraded land and the establishment of one of the largest urban parklands in Australia.

As a result, the local community is now able to enjoy 35km of cycle paths and walking trails, BBQ and family picnic facilities, bird watching, playgrounds and water play areas.

In addition to these environmental benefits, the venues that were built for the Games are still in use today, providing Sydney with long-term sustainable legacies.

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The Olympic Park — which was built especially for the Games and housed a number of key Olympic venues — has since become a thriving commercial, residential and sporting precinct that is internationally recognised for its world-class events, facilities and parklands.

The continued use of these venues means the economic benefits of the Games are still being enjoyed, with the Sydney Olympic Park annually generating well in excess of AUD 1 billion in economic activity for the host state, New South Wales.

Benefits of hosting olympics

For example, the night of my race, people are still talking about that event. People are still excited; people are still in that moment.Q&A with Allyson Felix, athletics.

A native Angeleno, Allyson Felix is the most decorated female Olympian in track and field history, with a total of nine Olympic medals. The cost of hosting the Olympics has soared since Calgary did it in , but those who want to bring the Games back to the city hope the price tag can be brought back down to earth.

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Follow the Denver Olympics bid. The games were originally awarded to Denver , but a rise in costs and worries about environmental impact led to Colorado voters' rejection. The costs of hosting the Olympics have skyrocketed, while the economic benefits are far from clear.

This has led to fewer states interested in playing host and .

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The economic impact of hosting the Olympics tends to be less positive than anticipated. Because most cities have ended up falling massively in debt after hosting the games, cities without the. The Calgary Tower is seen with Olympic rings built into railing at Olympic Plaza in downtown Calgary, Alta., on Monday, March 20, The city is considering another Winter Olympics bid.

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