Best business plans in andhra pradesh

October 31, December 02, The rankings, announced on Monday by Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, are on the basis of a point business reform action plan and their implementation by the States.

Best business plans in andhra pradesh

Thimmaya Poojary Affable, open minded and determined to achieve the goals of the state. The man is in a hurry to get things done. Being the son of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu does not give him any special benefits and this young minister, with degrees from Carnegie Mellon and Stanford, has billion-dollar dreams for the young state while connecting with the masses.

In an interview with YourStory at the recently concluded Vizag Fintech Festivalthe minister spoke extensively on his various plans for the state, his family and very importantly his father. Here are edited excerpts. How are you differentiating Andhra from other states? One needs get a little bit of background.

The state was bifurcated inand that time we had the lowest per capita income in South India, which was about Rsper annum. The reason for that is very clear, it is because of Mr Naidu. We have a great brand ambassador in Mr Naidu who, in in his first stint, gave a lot of confidence to the industry and for us, that has really worked.

We have attracted marquee names in IT: We have converted medium to large investments in the state of Andhra Pradesh and we are second to Gujarat only by two. If one recalibrates, we started with no state capital, and from there getting an address, getting the world excited about Amaravati.

In terms of ease of doing business we were ranked number two in and number one in and Mr Naidu is very clear that we have to be number one by a mile. As the IT Minister, this going to be a reality. We are third-least corrupt state in the country, according to online surveys.

What is this magic of Sri City that is employing a large number of women? Early on, we recognised that electronics is going to be a massive sector that is going to grow and Andhra should ride the wave.

When Mr Naidu visited a lot of these plants like Foxconn in Shenzhen, one thing which caught our attention was the nice environment where people worked. Then came the entire debate: The Foxconn CEO told us that our labour laws did not allow it.

In 30 days flat, we got the law out to enable women to work in all three shifts and are the first state to do this. At Foxconn, there are 18, women working in three shifts.

Today, it is about giving that dignity of labour and sense of empowerment to women. If one looks at all the emerging economies, women play a key role. Andhra Pradesh is so focused on giving opportunity to women in industries.

Is this a clear mandate or by default? It is not a mandate or a default but how the leadership thinks. Mr Naidu is all about empowerment and at home, both his wife and daughter-in-law work in the family business. This has been happening since early s.Sep 26,  · Havells India plans big expansion in AP.

Havells India Ltd. recentl announced its expansion plans for the newly formed States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh targeting business of Rs.

best business plans in andhra pradesh

crore in three years. Apr 22,  · I want to start small scale business in andhra pradesh. Right now i have Rs. 50,/- please give me suggetion?Status: Resolved. Andhra Pradesh proposes to set up an electric vehicle park with plug-and-play infrastructure for manufacturing units to start production.

All cities of the state will come up with an electric-mobility blueprint, Arokiaraj said. Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh top Ease of Living Index rankings The Ease of Living Index seeks to assist cities in undertaking a degree assessment of their strengths, weaknesses.

Cotton Corp plans ginning unit in Andhra Pradesh Suresh P Iyengar up its first ginning and pressing factory with capacity of 60, bales at Adoni in Andhra Pradesh.

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