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Strong recommendation, high level of evidence Accelerated gastric emptying and functional dyspepsia can present with symptoms similar to those of gastroparesis; therefore, documentation of delayed gastric emptying is recommended before selecting therapy with prokinetics agents or gastric electrical stimulation GES.

D2 make recommendations for improving your

Back in February, the Center for Disease Control CDC published a study targeting raw milk as dangerous and unsafe for human consumption. The media jumped on it in typical fashion. You may have seen headlines like this: The purpose of this series is to present the other side of the argument, and give you the bare facts without bias or hyperbole so you can make an informed decision about whether unpasteurized milk is a good choice for you and your family.

Foodborne illness is a concern for many types of food. According to the most recent review of foodborne disease outbreaks in the U. Produce is responsible for the greatest number of illnesses each year 2,with nearly twice as many illnesses as poultry 1, Dairy products are at the bottom of the list.

They cause the fewest outbreaks and illnesses of all the major food categories — beef, eggs, poultry, produce and seafood. Of those, per year are from dairy products. This means dairy products account for about 1.

D2 make recommendations for improving your

According to the CSPI report above, approximately 5, people are killed every year by foodborne illness. But can these claims be taken at face value? There are several problems with the CDC report: Fortunately, the CDC data for foodborne illness, as well as data from other institutions and peer-reviewed studies, are readily available online.

There are about 24, foodborne illnesses reported each year.

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Put another way, What this means is that the true prevalence of foodborne illness that can be attributed to a particular food is much higher than what is reported.

It also means that the data linking specific outbreaks with specific foods is such a tiny sample of the total that even small errors or biases in the reporting of outbreaks would seriously skew the results.

That number is likely even higher today with the growing popularity of raw milk. Why did they do this? Mexican-style Queso Fresco made illegally at home made from raw milk, and raw fluid milk. Queso Fresco is inherently more dangerous than raw milk, and is associated with more serious outbreaks and illnesses.

Again, this distorts the data and makes raw milk seem more dangerous than it really is. I purposely excluded outbreaks associated with Queso Fresco cheeses, because we are concerned here with the safety of raw milk and not raw cheese made in a bathtub, which I would never eat and would never advise anyone else to eat.

I chose to focus on the most recent data available, from —since unpasteurized milk consumption increased significantly over the last decade.

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