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Founders essay

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Two key ideas were used to set up the differentiating governments of the two groups: First, is the opposing human nature beliefs between the Founders and Progressives.

For the Founders they consider man fallen, evil, corrupt, selfish and imperfect, while the Progressives believe man is good and that he can reach a perfect, ideal state of being. Middlekauff found in the Federalist papers, No. This confirms that the Founders believed man to be fallen.

It also shows why the Founders set up a government with separation because since man was corrupt he would ultimately try to take all the power possible.

The Founders wanted to stop man eventually setting up a separation of powers. As time went on, new presidents took oath and began to give more influence and power to a new progressive movement.

The Progressives had a different look on man, which was that he could be perfected. Each man refers to ideas that require a perfect state of human nature. More, wrote Utopia, which would require for no flaws- no one rebelling, everyone agreeing, no difference in thought, etc.

Dewey takes the theory that the government should have more Founders essay through giving the people more power Thayer-Bacon 22, This goes to show that Dewey does believe man can reach a perfect state.

These three men advanced progressive movement, especially within their ideas that man was good and could reach a perfect state. Since the progressives believed they could create a perfect society and the Founders did not, the Founders essay would set up their governments differently.

This conflict on the idea of human nature, along with where the people receives rights, are key ideas that play into whether or not the groups would include or exclude a separation of powers.

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This is the first place that shows the Founders ideas of receiving rights is from a Creator. It clearly shows the Founders belief that every man is entitled to rights given not from man, but a higher being. To be able to understand why the Founding Fathers believe rights come from God, it is essential to look at the Founding Fathers beliefs.

The Founding Fathers wanted men in military, as well as governmental, positions to be of a moral standing. These oaths rely on the fact people understand the essentiality of the term God.

Founders essay

This helps to show why the Founding Fathers use the term God because it provided people with a higher commitment. By using God in the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers show that they believe a Supreme Being has given all men rights and that no one can take these rights away.

This information shows that the Founders believed that a Creator gave rights, which also inferred a moral conduct to oaths. The Founders believed that since God gave the people rights that the government needed to protect those rights, from the natural man; and thus the separation of powers was put into place.

On the other hand Progressives, believing man is perfect, also believes that the government gives rights to the people and that they do not come from a Creator. Herbert Croly, a Progressive, wrote a book on the Progressive ideas. This statement clearly shows the Progressive idea of allowing the government to make and rule the law.

The Founding Fathers set up the governmental system to protect the rights of the people, which they believed the people already had. The law was to restrict the government.

Founders essay

This Progressive view point is clearly differential to the Founding Fathers. When the Progressives state that the government makes the laws, it can be inferred that the people are not born with rights, but that they are given rights.

Another key idea the Progressives hold, that supports the idea of the government over the law, is a living Constitution.

The Rise & Decline of Constitutional Government in America by

President Wilson introduced this idea, which Ronald J. This new understanding required an evolutionary understanding of the Constitution— one in which the ends and scope of government are determined by looking not to the pre-established law of the Constitution, but instead to the new demands placed upon government by contemporary historical circumstances.

This fits into the Progressive idea of government over law because it verifies that they see the law as restrictive and unchanging, which leads them to the conclusion that if the government can create the laws, and amend the Constitution, then legislation will be up with the times.

These ideas are all done to benefit the people and to help equalize them as the government and Constitution would be changing with the people. The Progressives put the government above the law and deemed the Constitution living; which is all contradictory to the Founders way.During Texas Southern University 85th years Founders Day Assembly I wasn’t able to hear all of what was said but from what I can hear I learned a lot of new things about my school that I didn’t know before.

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In the spring of , I got to talking to the founders of Free Essay: James Madison and Thomas Jefferson are two of the seven key founding fathers of the United States.

The motive of the founders of the U.S. was to.

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