Ipl pure cricket or entertainment essays

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Ipl pure cricket or entertainment essays

That players, not just spectators, prefer white ball cricket is a game-changer. May 31, AFP Even as the debate rages between red and white ball cricket, the verdict is out; white ball cricket has trumped red and the writing, for all to see, is very much on the pitch.

Spectators, the key stakeholders, made this choice long ago, and the resounding success of IPL is confirmation of where they stand.

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Test cricket is often gripping, always superior and hugely compelling, but its length is its greatest enemy. That players, not just spectators, prefer white is a game-changer.

Indictment of Test duration ABD, a supreme athlete and creative genius with the bat, says he quit because he ran out of gas. It is not a direct rejection of red-ball cricket but an indirect indictment as it shows that Tests take too long and require too much effort and energy.

Test cricket needs stars like ABD but when they leave complaining of physical exhaustion, the game is pretty much up. For players, T20 cricket is an easier, convenient and more practical option. As white scores over red, hopefully more will be done to restore the health of Test cricket.

Both moves — Test championship and pink-ball Tests — face a stiff challenge because neither makes economic sense for India. Cricket is richer because of its three formats. Each has its strengths and deserves space. Cricket would be great with both —red and white!

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The views expressed here are personal First Published:Shah Rukh Khan poses with the DLF IPL cup as he celebrates his team's victory at the end of the IPL Twenty20 cricket final match. his memories in writing.

entertainment and magic. Cricket is much more than just a product to be packaged and sold by advertisers, right? What branding does to sport.

Ipl pure cricket or entertainment essays

Cricket is much more than just a product to be packaged and sold by advertisers, right? Once, sport just happened to be entertaining; now, entertainment is sport's function. So while it sometimes makes sporting sense to. Jul 09,  · Cricket 09 IPL vs ICL PC Game Free Download setup in direct link for windows.

It is a good cricket game which is based on very popular Indian premier league and Indian Cricket League. The chief investigator of IPL scandal, senior IPS officer, BB Misra, on Thursday, revealed that an Indian player was in touch with a bookie.

IPL spot-fixing CSK RR MS Dhoni India BCCI Cricket World Cup betting. Pure Desi Charles Thomson gauges mood of MP, Chhattisgarh. Raman Singh aide Rajesh Toppo calls Congress 'sting. The premier Indian T20 tournament and cricket entertainment for millions of fans, the Indian Premier League (IPL), seems to be in jeopardy.

Indian cricket ’s golden egg, the IPL, is truly in trouble. Therefore, the BCCI needs to take all the cricket boards into confidence and quickly structure the IPL tournament. Leisure Writing. The IPL Business Model “Reading poetry and watching cricket were the sum of my world, and the two are not so far apart as many aesthetes might believe.

The Business side of IPL The IPL Desperately seeking Entertainment: IPL is a great new hangout. Media Maketh the Man.

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