Limit number of children in heavily

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Limit number of children in heavily

London's low-emission zone ineffective in improving child lung health, study says Posted: By Nina Avramova, CNN Traffic control measures have improved air quality in London, but the number of children with poor lung capacity because of traffic pollution remains high, a new analysis says.

Low-emission zones -- areas with a daily charge for vehicles that don't meet emission requirements -- were introduced in and have led to small improvements in nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen oxide levels, found in diesel emissions, according to a study published Wednesday. But no improvements were seen in levels of particulate matter -- PM10, less than 10 micrometers in diameter -- which can cause premature death and worsening of heart and lung diseases, according to the London Air Quality Network.

Despite a reduction in some pollutants, the study found no evidence of a decline in the number of children with reduced lung capacities or asthmatic symptoms since the implementation of the zone in London.

The authors stress that more ambitious control measures are needed to improve childhood respiratory health. The impact of zoning Low emission zones restrict or penalize the entry of polluting vehicles and are often the biggest part of emissions-reducing strategies, according to the study.

London's current zone requires the most polluting diesel vehicles to meet European guidelines. InLondon introduced the world's largest citywide low-emission zone, encompassing 8.

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There are other such zones across Europe and several in Asian cities such as Singapore and Tokyo. Griffiths' team is the first to look at the effects of large-scale traffic emission controls on air quality improvements and at their effects on children's health, he said.

Each year from throughthey measured the lung capacity of different primary-school children between 8 and 9 years old in four East London boroughs. All four boroughs were within London's low emission zone and are heavily polluted, exceeding European Union limits on nitrogen dioxide at the start of the study.

Average exposure concentrations of nitrogen oxides and particulate pollution PM10 and PM2. They hoped to see children's lung capacity grow year by year, as the zoning should reduce pollution, but the researchers found the opposite: Improving child health A reduction in lung capacity can lead to stunted lungs, which is dangerous for two reasons, Griffiths said.

First, it increases the risk of asthma and worsens the condition in those who have it. In the long term, it can also be problematic for adults, as lung size is a good predictor for life expectancy, for reasons that are not exactly clear.

With age, the lungs start to decline, and if people enter adulthood with already declining lungs, this will lower their life expectancy, he explained.

Penny Woods, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, who was not involved in the research. Also, a larger number of children would have helped strengthen the findings. Is ultra the next step? In April, Central London will be equipped with a new version of the traffic control measure: The measure will encompass a larger area of London, to include more than 3.Although many people believe that governments do not have the right to limit the number of children a couple can have, it will be argued that they should have the right to confine the number of offspring one family can have in heavily populated countries for three reasons: the earth does not have enough resources for all people.

May 26,  · Watch video · The number of child marriages has been falling, but every state in America still allows underage girls to marry, typically with the consent of parents, a judge or both. Ex-AGH/AHN "Critical Care" Specialist Dr Ghazaleh Bigdeli.

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Limit number of children in heavily

Youngstown, Ohio. Don't worry, Pittsburgh still has "Critical Care" Specialist Dr John W Hoyt, the #1 Mengele/Gacy Protégé. The 11 children were so famished, the sheriff said, they "looked like third-world country refugees." 11 children rescued from filthy and heavily armed compound MoviePass will limit.


Feb 20,  · Black children are almost nine times more likely than white children to have a parent in prison; and Hispanic children are four times more likely to have a parent behind bars.

Yes there should be a limit to the number of children one person can have The earth is getting more and more populated and overpopulation is a huge problem.

People should be restricted in the number of children they can have based on their ability to support those children.

Limit number of children in heavily
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