Marketing communications plan for adidas

Nike Uses Content Marketing Videos for Internal Communications Posted on by Patty Odell Internal branding is a growing use of content marketing videos as a way for brands to communicate any number of topics, news or other information to employees in an engaging way, including relaying the excitement of live consumer events that the vast majority of employees never get a chance to participate in. Nike runs dozens of sports training camps for young people each year around lacrosse, soccer, basketball, tennis and other sports, often having recap videos produced at each event to use for internal communications.

Marketing communications plan for adidas

The brand and its products celebrated their first worldwide success in after the German have won the soccer world championship.

Marketing communications plan for adidas

To stay competitive to Nike on the US-market, the company had taken over Reebok in Furthermore, the company has worldwide subsidiaries and had total revenue of The company uses the image of its brand and the available amount of capital to sponsor many sports events such as soccer championships, Olympic Games or Paralympics and many more.

In Adidas will be the official sportswear-partner of the Olympic Games and the Paralympics in London. Introduction Adidas is one of the most famous manufacturers of top-quality sporting goods.

The present report deals with its marketing strategies and analyzes Marketing communications plan for adidas performance data of Adidas and the competitors in the market. Using these methods, a short overview of the company and its business is given.

SWOT-analysis The SWOT-analysis highlights how internal factors such as strength and weaknesses or external factors as opportunities and threats are affecting the organization and its decision-making. Strengths Since the organization is listed as a stock corporation and benefits from the adjusted capital.

This enables the company to invest more capital in innovated and effective technologies to advance unique products. Adidas is by now the second largest manufacturer of sporting goods and worldwide known for top-quality products.

This amount of capital enables more investments in marketing and promotion. The company is going to provide the volunteers and the athletes with its products and features the merchandising as well as marketing rights.

Furthermore the company has got subsidiaries worldwide and had a total revenue of This turnover is the profit of the whole Adidas group, which means that the company benefited from the turnover of Reebok International ltd.

Additionally the company shows an efficient working network between many varied facilities and the high qualified personnel. The time difference and its network make it possible to work in Germany, America and Japan 24 hours on the same project. In order to enhance the manufacturing process, the organization proceeded and developed training programs and workshops for the suppliers.

Weaknesses In Adidas took over the Reebok International ltd. Since that time Reebok represents a problematic part of Adidas.

However Adidas had to help out financially its subsidiary in the past and therefore reduced the advanced profit. Another weakness are the manufacturing facilities of the company. Following this trend and developing a right marketing strategy means that the organization has the possibility to enhance its exchange.

Threats There are a lot of competitors in the sporting-goods market, but there is one with high risk, Nike. Nike is the market leader in America and Asia and has the same products as well as the same price range. But the maximum risk is the product counterfeiting in Asia. These organizations are producing the same goods, with much lower quality and selling them cheaper than Adidas.

The customers with less money would buy the fake articles. PESTLE-analysis External influences are defined as political, economical, socio-cultural, technological, legal and eco- environmental headings.Integrated Marketing Plan for NIKE TARGET MARKET MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS ADVERTISING PERSONAL SELLING PUBLIC RELATIONS Print Ad Nike on Twitter @nike on Instagram Conclusion ABOUT NIKE Nike is a company founded in that specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, and sales of footwear, equipment, apparel, and accessories.

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2 Marketing Objectives To increase sales of Adidas brands by 20% by Communication Objectives To reposition the brand images of Adidas Original from ‘A casual sportswear brand’ to ‘A casual high-fashion brand’ within the first 6months/5(3).

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