Nucor a case for less management

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Nucor a case for less management

A A Contents 1. A Case Study Review: Strategic Competition of Nucor Corporation 1. Nucor was among the first steel companies in the United States to use electric arc furnaces to melt recycled steel primarily from junked automobiles.

The report further referred about the success of Nucor based on the five most apparent values in Nucor, which is the decentralized management philosophy, performance based compensation, egalitarian benefits, customer service and quality, and technological leadership.

A limitation for Nucor is the inability to address environmental concerns and achieve corrective milestones, and is one of the top ranked polluters of waste toxic. Much of the drawback of this study is the lack of a quantitative strategic method leading to an accurate decision making.

In summary, Nucor has long been the biggest steel producer in America. Its business portfolios are mainly in joist girders, scrap steel, steel mills, steel fasteners and deck. Nucor traces its origins to auto manufacturer Ransom E. Through a series of transactions, the company Olds founded eventually became, inNuclear Corporation of America.

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Nuclear bought several companies over the next few years, including a South Carolina maker of steel joists and joist girders called Vulcraft Corp. The new management quickly sold many of the company's wide-ranging operations to focus on profitable Vulcraft.

Nucor a case for less management

A bar mill opened in Darlington, South Carolina, in The first of several regional bar mills, it became the prototype for today's vast mini-mill industry and launched Nuclear Corp. They are as follows: By using the PEST model, the variables of politics, economy, society and technology can be better understood.

The government took anit-dumping measure to restrict overseas imports into US. Other advances include advanced metallurgical practices, and process control sensors and refinements in casting and rolling.

Research development costs must be recouped. Such overseas markets require much persuasion and acceptance before implementation. Nucor manages to increase its growth capacity and economies of scale by improving on the process of rolling and cutting. At the mature stage, sales tend to level out due to competitors entering the markets with even newer innovative products.

This can be done by giving added value or base discounts to their long- term customers. Salesperson demonstrations and account tracking would be required. For example, the automobile industry is continually looking for lower prices, but in competition with plastics, steel seems to be faring worse.

Registration of manufacturing process rather than products is more useful.

Nucor a case for less management

Many such products would slowly decline, and with international markets supplying these cheaper and better steel, sales and profits would drop resulting in: PorterCompetitive Strategy, Free Press 5.

Much of the customers in North America are consolidated, and servicing these segments is imperative that leads to: It is difficult to keep old customer and win new ones if buyers control the distribution channels. With better credit and storage facilities, Nucor can move up the value chain and retain old customers.

They must predict how steel prices or demand will be in foreign lands. The primary consideration for substitutes are: Steel is a standard homogenous product and is easily copied.

Some substitutes like aluminum maybe a poor alternative to steel, but is still a threat in the lighter industries. If the use of other transportation increases, indirectly, Nucor would have less business coming from the automobile sector.

Global collaborations had become the norm. It would not be effective as a standalone firm with no strong connections. Being a large company, there are many employees to be paid, and any closure would be substantial in costs.

This is because foreign loans are hard to secure, taxes are high, new identity difficult to build, thus using stakeholders to reduce barriers would be a competitive edge. Merge with global suppliers 0.

Market-distorting practices can spill over into the global marketplace by helping large steel companies maintain or increase market share. In turn, these nations had to increase their capacity, i. This did not help that China had also slapped import taxes.2 Mins Ago.

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Join the Nasdaq Community today and get free, instant access to portfolios, stock ratings, real-time alerts, and more! Nucor Corporation is made up of over 20, teammates whose goal is to 'Take Care of Our Customers.' We are accomplishing this by being the safest, highest quality, lowest cost, most productive and most profitable steel and steel products company in the world.

We are committed to doing this while being cultural and environmental stewards in our communities where we live and work. Recent Media Coverage of John Tumazos Very Independent Research, LLC. John Tumazos Very Independent Research, LLC Conference Telson Mining Corporation.

Nucor Corporation Case Study Assignment Help HRM Issues Case Study Assignment Help on Nucor Corporation Introduction Nucor started its business as an auto manufacturing company than it was converted into a Nuclear and Electronics business in /5(K).

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