Obstructive sleep apnea research paper

Trazodone Zolpidem Individuals should check with their doctor or pharmacist if they have any questions regarding possible side effects of their medications. Treatment The treatment of choice for night sweats depends upon the underlying cause such as correcting hormone irregularities, adjusting medications, and attending to contributing factors. If there is no direct, determined cause of the excessive sweatingtreatment consists of both prevention and management methods.

Obstructive sleep apnea research paper

CPB - Pillows and Cushions. Background Airway obstruction during sleep is a commonly recognized problem, which may be associated with significant morbidity. Various diagnostic studies and treatment approaches are employed in managing this condition.

Obstructive sleep apnea research paper

Data from the history and physical examination have been shown to be sensitive but not specific for diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea OSA. The most comprehensive type is Type I: Type II monitors have a minimum of 7 channels e.

Type III monitors have a minimum of 4 monitored channels including ventilation or airflow at least 2 channels of respiratory movement or respiratory movement and airflowheart rate or ECG, and oxygen saturation.

There is no "gold standard" for the diagnosis of OSA in adults. Some studies of type IV devices also showed high positive likelihood ratios and low negative likelihood ratios, at least for selected sensitivity and specificity pairs from ROC curve analyses.

The guidelines state that unattended sleep studies are not appropriate for general screening of asymptomatic populations. Split-night studies require the recording and analysis of the same parameters as a standard diagnostic NPSG.

Accepted guidelines provide that the diagnostic portion of a split-night study should be at least 2 hours duration.

A minimum of 3 hours sleep is preferred to adequately titrate CPAP after this treatment is initiated. Following a standard diagnostic NPSG, the available literature indicates that OSA patients should receive CPAP titration to specify the lowest CPAP level, which abolishes obstructive apneas, hypopneas, respiratory-effort related arousals, and snoring in all sleep positions and sleep stages.

According to guidelines from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Chesson et al,polysomnography with video recording and additional EEG channels in an extended bilateral montage may be indicated to assist with the diagnosis of paroxysmal arousals or other sleep disruptions that are thought to be seizure related when the initial clinical evaluation and results of a standard EEG are inconclusive.

Accepted guidelines indicate that nocturnal pulse oximetry alone is not appropriately used as a case finding or screening method to rule out OSA.

Sleep Apnea - Research Paper

Pulse oximetry, when used alone, has not been shown to have an adequate negative predictive value to rule out OSA i. Actigraphy has not been validated as a method of screening or diagnosing OSA although it may be a useful adjunct to other procedures in the evaluation of sleep disorders.

Although the cephalometric x-ray is not necessary for the diagnosis of OSA, it is necessary for certain non-surgical and surgical treatments. A lateral cephalometric x-ray is very helpful if an anterior mandibular osteotomy is being performed for genioglossus advancement, or if maxillomandibular surgery is being planned for surgical correction of OSA.

It is also helpful in analyzing hyoid position, posterior airway space, and other cephalometric parameters used in the treatment of OSA. For sleep apnea appliances for OSA, a pre-treatment lateral cephalometric x-ray and a second cephalometric X-ray with the bite registration or appliance in place may be necessary to visualize the mandibular repositioning and the changes in the airway space.Nov 02,  · Sleep apnea can be life-threatening; new treatments give patients more alternatives to the CPAP machine, with a sleep mask many people say is uncomfortable.

Night sweats can occur for a variety of reasons, including infection, hormone imbalances, cancer, and medication side effects. Both men and women can experience night sweats, and they can be. Jun 25,  · The New Health Care. I Learned I Have Sleep Apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea research paper

It’s More Serious Than Many People Realize. There are many treatment options for a problem that can be downright deadly. Sleep and its disorders are increasingly becoming important in our sleep deprived society.

Sleep is intricately connected to various hormonal and metabolic processes in the body and is important in maintaining metabolic homeostasis. Research shows that sleep deprivation and sleep disorders may have profound metabolic and cardiovascular implications.

A neuroimaging study is the first to show that white matter damage caused by severe obstructive sleep apnea can be reversed by continuous positive airway pressure therapy.

The results underscore the importance of the “Stop the Snore” campaign of the National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project, a collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Academy of Sleep. Essay SLEEP APNEA What is Sleep Apnea? The Greek word "apnea" literally means "without breath." There are three types of sleep apnea: obstructive, central, and mixed; of the three, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the most common.

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