Reference data protection act essay

Instead, we need a civic solution, because democracy is at risk.

Reference data protection act essay

Number of Individuals with Internet Access: It is bordered by Zambia in the north, Mozambique in the east, Botswana in the west, and South Africa in the south.

Many of its economic and transportation links are with these countries.

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Lack of its own ports and harbors forces Zimbabwe to rely on Mozambican and South African facilities; thus, its economy and politics have also been subject to ripple effects from its neighbors, especially South Africa and Mozambique. Outside South Africa, Zimbabwe boasts one of the most highly developed industrial infrastructures in sub-Saharan Africa.

Press freedom has had a long, tenuous existence in what today is known as Zimbabwe. The governments in power have often professed their commitment to press freedom.

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In reality, however, the communication media has suffered from contradictory tendencies, as political self-interest has too often ridden roughshod over the public's right to free and unfettered news and information. In the turbulent days before and during the Ian Smith regime, pre-publication censorship was commonplace.

Since Rhodesia became the independent Zimbabwe on April 18,there has been no direct censorship. But there has been government control of the print and broadcast media.

Editors have also engaged in self-censorship. The Lancaster House Constitution of December became Zimbabwe's constitution when the country became independent from Britain in It is a Westminster-type document designed to promote multi-party democracy. The Declaration of Rights comes under Chapter of the constitution.

This section deals with the basic rights and freedoms of the individual, regardless of race, color, sex, political opinion, or place of origin.


This includes the right to life, liberty, security of the person and protection under the law, and protection of the privacy of the home and other property.

Section 20 of the constitution guarantees freedom of expression; the right to receive, impart, and hold ideas and information without interference; and freedom from interference with correspondence. It is this part of the constitution that protects freedom of the mass media.

Under normal circumstances, this provision seems to be a straightforward guarantee that Zimbabweans can receive, read, discuss, and share ideas, news, and information freely, without government control or interference.

But this is not an unqualified right. For example, restrictions may be placed on the media, citizens, or on what is generally called civil society in the interests of defense, public safety, the economic interests of the state, public health, public morality, public order, or to protect the rights, freedoms, and reputations of other people or the private rights of persons involved in legal proceedings.

Restrictions may also apply to protect or prevent the disclosure of confidential information or to maintain the authority and independence of the judicial system courts, tribunals or the House of Assembly. A state of emergency, imposed in by the rebel Smith regime, did not lapse until July 25, It gave Prime Minister Robert Mugabe's post-independence government and its organs unlimited power to control the media and the citizens.

It freely violated human rights. Government could, if it wanted, control what was published or broadcast. There was no appeal against such actions, which left the media largely cowed and controlled.

Certain laws on the books, some inherited again from the minority Smith regime, such as the Law and Order Maintenance Act, also gave the government unlimited power over the media.

Reference data protection act essay

Such laws gave the Zimbabwe police the power to allow or permit meetings or rallies. Opposition meetings were hardly ever permitted, thus violating the spirit of the constitution, which guaranteed freedom of assembly and association. The story of the media in Zimbabwe cannot be separated from the history of the troubled country.

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When, on November 11,Smith and his white minority Rhodesian Front party unilaterally declared the country independent UDI this was the culmination of a struggle, which started in the late s when white settlers arrived in that part of Africa, to impose permanent white minority rule.

UDI was a calculated attempt to ensure perpetual white control at the expense of the black majority. Ironically, this would accelerate the advent of black majority government. Formal white control began in the late s when Cecil John Rhodes, the British adventurer after whom the country was at one time named, sent emissaries north from South Africa.

Rhodes became a politician and mining magnate in South Africa. His people sought mining rights from local chiefs. They succeeded in tricking King Lobengula of Matabeleland to sign the Rudd Concession, which gave Rhodes exclusive mineral rights to an area that, according to their interpretation, covered Zambia and Zimbabwe formerly Northern Rhodesia and Southern Rhodesia.

This concession eventually was used to make the area part of the British Empire. In British South Africa Company rule over the country ended.(used relatively in restrictive clauses having that as the antecedent): Damaged goods constituted part of that which was sold at the auction.

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Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. It is bordered by Zambia in the north, Mozambique in the east, Botswana in the west, and South Africa in the south.

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