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One service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega SMU delays Greek recruitment until the spring semester, giving prospective members the ability to decide over the course of the fall which organization they would like to join. This places restrictions in the type of communication older, affiliated sorority members can have with non-members who are rushing. The fraternities place no such restrictions on the ability for the men to rush potential members. Several of the sororities place high emphasis on the grades that their members make.

Smu paper

Inat the age of 24, Selecman began pastoring in a church in Pattensburg, Missouri, dropping out of college two months before graduation to do so.

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Here he met Bess Kyle Beckner, whom he married on April 27, They subsequently had two children: After serving in several locations in Missouri as pastor and circuit rider, Selecman engaged in "home mission work" in Louisiana and Missouri before being appointed pastor of a church in Los Angeles, California in He became president of Southern Methodist University in March In SMU was a liberal arts college with a seminary and music school.

A decade and a half later the university boasted schools of engineering, law, education, and business, as well as graduate programs. Research and scholarly output also increased during the period. In the university acquired the Southwest Review, a literary magazine, from the University of Texas.

In the departments of geology, geography, physics, biology, and chemistry began publishing Field and Laboratory, a semiannual journal.

In the school established its own publishing press. Early in his tenure, Selecman outlined his vision for SMU. He desired a high standard of scholarship, a "warm religious atmosphere," and a "conservative, yet progressive, business policy.

Selecman also found himself thrown in to the church-wide controversy between religious fundamentalism and modernism as it played out at the university among faculty members. Controversy also swirled around athletics, especially football, as well as the question of who should control the school: In May41 professors signed a petition opposing Selecman in what subsequently became known as "The Faculty Rebellion of He resigned as university president, effective the following September, to take up his position as the bishop in charge of the Oklahoma Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

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He held this position for one year. Two months after this appointment, in JulySelecman married "Mrs. Mason of Hollywood, California," according to the newspapers. Selecman simply called her Jackie.

In June Bishop Selecman retired from the episcopacy. Inhe was elected to the Methodist Hall of Fame in philanthropy. He died on March 27, at age Selecman and His First Year. Selecman, Methodist Bishop and Educator, Dies. Selecman Will Marry Californian.

Thomas, Mary Martha Hosford. Founding and Early Years. Scope and Contents of the Collection The Selecman papers consist of biographical material, articles and addresses by Selecman, correspondence between President Selecman and university personnel, presidential reports, issues of the alumni magazine circa.

The collection also contains newspaper clippings and personal items unrelated to his career. According to retired history professor Herbert P. Hawkins — informed him that, upon retiring as bishop inSelecman removed from his files almost everything regarding his term as president of SMU.

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Smu paper

SMU will consider your grades for three H2 content-based subjects and General Paper (GP) / Knowledge and Inquiry (KI) taken at the same sitting of the A-level H1 content-based subject and H1 Project Work (PW) subject can be of a different sitting.

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