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This is the template. It uses Macro, so click the buttons above your formula bar after downloading the file. Click the image below to enlarge the image. There are 12 hyperlinks on the right.

Step for vsm handout

Waste removal is intended to increase productivity by creating leaner operations which in turn make waste and quality problems easier to identify. Jones identifies seven commonly accepted types of waste. These terms are updated from the Toyota production system TPS 's original nomenclature: Previously referred to as overproduction, and leads to storage and lead time waste.

Previously referred to as transport, and includes double-handling and excessive movement. Previously referred to as inappropriate processing, and includes unsafe production. This typically leads to poor layout and communication, and unnecessary motion.

Previously referred to as unnecessary inventory. Previously referred to as unnecessary movements, and usually avoidable. Waste removal operations[ edit ] Monden identifies three types of operations: Necessary but non-value adding NNVA: A paper value stream map.

Value-stream mapping has supporting methods that are often used in Lean environments to analyze and design flows at the system level across multiple processes. Although value-stream mapping is often associated with manufacturing, it is also used in logistics, supply chain, service related industries, healthcare, [5] [6] software development[7] [8] product development[9] and administrative and office processes.

Thus, the activities become easily separated into the value stream, which is the focus of one type of attention, and the 'waste' steps, another type.

He calls the value stream the process and the non-value streams the operations. Therefore, each vertical line is the 'story' of a person or workstation whilst the horizontal line represents the 'story' of the product being created.

Value stream mapping is a recognised method used as part of Six Sigma methodologies. However, it was noted that the current literature on adoption of Lean in software development had a disconnect between the high-level principles and the concrete practices related to lean and agile software development.

The literature also had a limited focus on wastes that were literally mapped from the categories identified for manufacturing.

Value-stream mapping analyzes both material artifact and information flow. Supply chain response matrix:Four Steps to Value Stream Mapping 1. Define and Pick the Product or Product Family. 2. Create the "Current State" Value Stream Mapping (CSVSM).

3. Create the "Future State" Value Stream Mapping (FSVSM).

Value Stream Mapping Worksheets - Printable Worksheets

4. Develop an Action Plan to make the FSVSM the CSVSM. 6 Steps of Value Stream Mapping: 1. Document the Customer and the customer’s needs 2. Identify the main steps of the process 3.

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Select the standardized metrics to measure each step a) Time (process, lead, changeover) b) Completion Percentage c) Accuracy 4. Perform a “Gemba Walk” (walk through to assess current state) 5. The process requires three worksheets but all are fairly simple and once the templates are set up, you can record future VSMs with little setup work.

The first worksheet indicates the actual steps in the process. Start with the current process and use two boxes per step. The top box indicates who performs the step and uses color coding. value stream mapping symbols and icons in QI Macros for Excel. Change Management Business Management Business planning Management Tips Business Tips Problem Solving Worksheets Productivity Business Analyst.

A step by step guide to value stream mapping, this article will show you exactly how to put together a current state value stream. Lean Management Standards Gemba Worksheet specific enough for next steps (cause analysis or corrective action).

Charts reviewed daily or on regular schedule. Problems noted on charts often result in assignments for action. Value Stream Mapping Date: Location: Shift. Every value stream map is different, so what good is a template? Well, the main thing is, you get all those nice value stream mapping icons to use.

Good luck trying to make those on your own with the basic Excel shapes. If you're going to make a value stream map in Excel, then a template with handy icons is a must have.

Step for vsm handout
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