Term paper dell company

From a little company founded by an undergraduate student at the University of Texas2, Dell Inc. Furthermore, an internal analysis will be conducted and the resulting strengths and weaknesses will be presented. The future developments of the computer industry in general and of the Dell company in particular, will be examined at the end of this paper. Industry This chapter deals with the industry that the Dell company is working in.

Term paper dell company

Dell is one of the multinationals facing stiff competitions both locally and globally.

Term paper dell company

Some of its great competitors comprise of Hewlett Packard, Samsung and Toshiba among others. Dell had a great market share in the last five years but it is greatly losing to the competitors.

Despite measures to gain grounds by reducing the price of its products, the situation is worsening. Year by year the profits and revenue is decreasing.

This is a major challenge to reckon with. In the near future the company may be even in much financial challenges as revenues are highly decreasing thus challenge to expansion.

Competition is expected to be stiffer in the future due to emergence of more PC providers.

Term paper dell company

To keep in the market it is expected to broaden its services to other products and undertake mergers. Through acquisition it will ensure a control on much of the market.

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Its research and development department is up for the task to see Dell products being relevant in the market Man, In near future it may diversify to other gadgets such as mobile phones which are highly integrating and more sophisticated. Technology is changing day by day.

This is one of the major factors influencing globalisation. To ensure products of an organisation are relevant to the market and to consumers, technological advances must be incorporated. Every organisation should be highly competitive and innovative to come up with innovations and inventions Naomi, Dell is not taking chances and has adopted customer related approach to suit the needs of its client.

Each day more advanced computers are being invented.

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It is expected that in the near future more complex PCs may be in the market. It is expected that complex products, far more efficient than current trends of binary and digital computing will be developed. Dell is committed to its services of manufacturing and distribution of its products.

This approach has led to more process being discovered such as wireless network in factories to enhance efficiency in assembling.

The human population has been in the increase for the last five years. To reach this large market the organisation has to adopt strategies to reach its clientele base.

This has enabled it to drastically reduce the prices.

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More approach such as ecommerce where its products are sold online has been enabled. An example is dell printers have imbedded software that directs clients to dell website.Term paper is generally intended to describe an event, a concept, or argue a point. It is a written original work discussing a topic in detail, usually several typed pages in length, and is .

This paper explores Dell's strategies for international outsourcing, and what staffing strategies the company should employ to improve its foothold in China.


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Dell Computer Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of direct computer systems. The company’s revenue in fiscal year was $ billion and it also established itself as the world’s number one computer company. MICHAEL DELL AND LEADERSHIP AT DELL COMPUTER CORP. This paper explores Michael Dell’s leadership of Dell Computer, considering both his role in making Dell into a highly successful company and his new role in attempting to execute a turnaround at Dell.

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