Term paper on developmental theories

Mistrust is the key issue of conflict, and the ability to develop confidence while being dependent is the primary challenge; 2 Toddler years - During this stage the central conflict centers on Autonomy vs. Shame and the predominant challenge is the ability to adjust to social rules; 3 Early Childhood years - This is the stage in which Initiative vs.

Term paper on developmental theories

Liberace was born with a twin who died at birth and also had a caul on his head. Many cultures believe caulbearers bring good omens and luck with their births and cannot drown.

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How and why people are born and developing into adults going through all the growing pains have been argued for many centuries. This paper will discuss the life and times of one well know, publically troubled individual, Liberace.

According to Ellis and Hartley and Berk the theories of life development are explored by various researches and it is observed that most of the theories are presented by Maslow, Ericson, Kohlberg, Piaget, and Freud. The human beings are alike creators that experience similar stage in their respective lives.

It is also a notable character that almost all human beings pass through similar changes in various stages of life. In general all these stages can be denoted as similar however the personal and environmental factors also influence the development and psychological implications.

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The theories address the common characteristics of generalized nature and applicable for the human development. The arrangements of sequential nature are addressed in almost similar fashion by all theories and stages are also represented as time-based measures for addressing the relevance in human development.

The stages of life development are relevant to understand the nature of earlier identified theories and their applicability with various perspectives of life. The life stages discussed in the section below comprises of a through approach starting from the initial stage as infant for Liberace and parenting up until the post adulthood.

The individuals experience various developments throughout the stages. The research also addresses Liberace and the children born with caul.

Term paper on developmental theories

Development Stages of Life: The development stages of Liberace life are described distinctively according to various research perspectives. The psychological theories presented below addresses the issues in different perspective according to the approach taken through their work. The applicability of all these issues is also relevant in accordance with the approach taken to address specific issues.

The medical and clinical basis is also developed on the basis of cognitive development theories and psychosexual theories of Freud Berk, There are various theories concerning the development of knowledge embodying the stages of human development. The psychoanalytic theories presented by Freud and Erikson are based on the explanations of human development in the context of unconscious forces exerting their influence on personality development.

The personal environment is regarded as one of the major factor influencing human development. The intellectual development ofLiberaceis defined in terms of sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational in the work of Jaen Piaget.

Abraham Maslow is known for his work through humanistic approach in defining human development stages.

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The hierarchy of needs defined by Maslow starts form food security and leads to self-actualization. One of the different perspectives of cognitive development is also observed through contextual theory perspectives. The important developments are observed through interacting with people around an individual are addressed in this segment of psychological theory of human development.

It is somehow similar to the cultural development theories. The reinforcement of human behaviors is achieved through implementation of learning and increase in knowledge.


The birth of twins named Liberaceand his brother with a caul on his head was a unique experience for the parents. According to Hartson and Payne the physical performance including language and emotional development of a human being is addressed by various theories including Frued and Erickson.

These stages of human development are related not only to the human individuals but multiple factors influence the development. The importance of parental contribution and infancy stage is also addressed by psychological theories Upadlhyaya, The parental role in childes development plays a significant role in adhering to the techniques and learning for later life.

The emotional development is specifically attributed towards the ability to cope with stressful situations in later life.

The transactions in the parenting plan influence childes ability for self-efficacy and self-regulation. The challenges and crisis faced during a stage are required to be addressed in order to lean forward to the next stage.

The first stage starting from the birth up to one year is denoted as the stage experiencing the trust and mistrust Ray, Liberaceas an infant developed a scenes of trust form their caregivers in early stages to fulfill their needs.

On the contrary the suspension and mistrust is developed on the basis of stranger perception and others are perceived incapable to fulfill their desires with respect to fulfillment of the childes needs.

The first stage of Liberacewas significant in defining the early development of trust and subsequent trust developed in order to seek support for fulfillment of their desires.

The biological influence of parenting characteristics is also observed relevant for the physical development of a child.Developmental Theories • Section 1: Typical developmental milestones during adolescence o Provide a description of typical physical, cognitive, and psycho-social developmental milestones for the identified developmental period.

The well-used term "identity crisis," originates from Erik Erikson's fifth stage, identity versus confusion, in his eight stages of epigenetic personality development.

Developmental psychologist, James Marcia (, ), has extended on Erikson's stage five theory by developing his ego identity status paradigm/5(16). Developmental Theories. Jean Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development Revised Developmental Psychology Assessment 2 – Reflective Essay Dominic Ward.

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This reflective essay speaks about Educational Psychology, a good teacher, general principles of development, the brain and cognitive development, Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and Lev Vygotsky’s sociocultural perspective.

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