The cuckmere estuary project

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image caption The Cuckmere Valley today is the result of interference by man picture by Vivienne Blakey More than people in East Sussex are preparing to spend a seven hours thrashing out the future of a beauty spot. Cuckmere Valley, visited bypeople a year who walk or cycle alongside the river as it meanders to the sea, is threatened by rising sea levels. The Victorian flood defences can no longer hold back the tide and the Environment Agency EA has withdrawn maintenance.

The cuckmere estuary project

Winifred and Alice entered the home in January The birth certificate of Alice Maud daughter has been obtained — click here. So far it has not proved possible to locate the other three birth certificates, although attempts continue. It is looking very much as if these three The cuckmere estuary project were not registered.

In the census click here they are living at No 55 Queen Street, Marylebone: Arthur's occupation is now shown as "Accountant" and Alice's as "Book-keeper". The Dr Barnardo's records state that Arthur was fifty-six when the children entered the home, which corresponds with the age of fifty-three declared in this census.

In both the and censuses, Arthur and Alice are described as "Married" although no marriage certificate has been traced, and in fact the Dr Barnardo's records state that they never married, possibly for the reason that Arthur was already married.

However, in the census none of the three living children appears. We know that in all four were living, so where were they at census time? The place of birth looks at first sight to be unlikely; but Alice Maud's older sister Florence, when she was giving birth to her illegitimate daughter Irene indid so in Portsea.

Finally, it has to be reiterated that it has not been possible, so far, to find any definite record of all but one of the children in the census, nor, apart from that of Alice, any of the seven other birth certificates. It is beginning to look very much as if none of these births were registered, but why no census records?

It is understood that the couple had been together for fourteen years, and that they had never married. With Alice dying inthis implies that it was in that the relationship began. We know that Alice Maud mother died, after twelve months suffering from "aortic valvular disease" no doubt an even more serious condition then than it would be nowadays on 17th April for the death certificate, in the name of Cunningham, although it looks as if a marriage ceremony never took place, click here: Most interestingly, the Dr Barnardo's records state that the children were handed over to their Portsmouth Home.

The information implies that Arthur asked for help from the family, particularly the maternal grandmother Louisa Ann; but, whether because she did not like him, or because of inability to cope, she was either unable or unwilling to accept them.

The "Admissions History" on the Barnardo's files confirms that the procedure in those days was that an application for assistance had to be made to Dr Barnardo's, and then enquiries were made; and it was only after completion of these enquiries that a decision was made whether to admit or not.

In this case, the files state that Arthur and the children, after being refused help by the maternal grandmother, were referred to the workhouse while enquiries, usually lasting two or three weeks, were made as to the validity of their application; and so we are attempting to trace their entry into a Portsmouth workhouse in the last weeks of As a result of a favourable decision, Winifred and Alice entered the Dr Barnardo's home, and, as mentioned earlier, Arthur and Elsie seem to have left their sisters by this time.

Given the choice between Dr Barnardo's and the Workhouse, of course, Winifred and Alice were very fortunate that the former accepted them.

The cuckmere estuary project

And in the Census there is no trace of Arthur, which would imply that he might well have died by then. She must have been about ninety-two at the time. It is very sad that it is now almost certainly too late to give her a great deal of information about her extended family.Looking for details on a RNVR officer not listed here yet?

Just e-mail me, and I might be able to help out. Of course, any additions, corrections etc. can also be e-mailed. Survey Unit Location Last surveyed Download; 4dSU Birling Gap to Beachy Head: 4dSU Birling Gap: 4dSU Cuckmere Haven to Birling Gap: 4dSU Cuckmere Haven.

Cuckmere Estuary Project DEFRA Pathfinder Jess Phoenix Cuckmere Pathfinder, Pathfinder aims to: Improve understanding of community adaption planning to coastal change Provide lessons and examples for the future Sharing Understanding Step Two workshops Process used Agreeing the options Intensive workshop Reviewing the evidence.

Cuckmere Estuary Pathfinder Project Cuckmere future At the final public meeting of the Pathfinder Project held on 7 June members of the community reached a consensus about the future of the Estuary. The preferred option was to maintain the existing defences for the time being, and.

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PCDL - Pevensey Coastal Defence Ltd Levels of Importance This low-lying marshland supports a rich community of plants and animals including the rare Fen Raft Spider Dolomides plantarius which is widespread on the Levels.
Flood Defence The railway companies were faced with the prospect of keeping vital buildings, such as signal boxes, operational despite the threat of damage from such bombing. The traditional signal box design evolved in the latter half of the 19th century.

With kind permission of Mike Osborne. FW3/22 Shellproof. A shell proof variation of the standard bullet proof type 22 was built by increasing the wall thickness.

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