The question of whether women should be allowed to play on male sports teams

Public Discourse Sports are a salutary pastime for Americans especially because they emphasize perseverance, responsibility, hard work, and other attributes of excellent character. Sports also build an approach to teamwork and produce great self-overcoming and some self-knowledge when participants run up against their limits. Sports produce great joys as people overcome obstacles and strive for the level of excellence appropriate to them, just as they produce healthy agonies as people face defeat. It is salutary in many respects that women enter the sporting realm in greater numbers than they did in the past so that these lessons pervade American society.

The question of whether women should be allowed to play on male sports teams

Should Girls Be Allowed to Play on Boys Sports Teams?

Should Men and Women be segregated in professional Sports? Published July 31, By Nadira Faber When I zapped into the Olympics opening ceremony on Saturday, I had the doubtful pleasure to see the German sportspeople entering the stadium in ridiculously gendered jackets — pink for the girls, light blue for the boys.

This renewed an admittedly rather old question in my mind: Should men and women be segregated in professional sports? There are some mixed-gender sports, like Equestrian. Many others, however, ranging from Boxing and Football to Golf, Bowling, and Pool Billiard are gender-segregated at a professional level.

Different arguments are mentioned for why men and women should be segregated in sports. However, in every case the main argument seems to be: Due to physical differences, women cannot compete with men in sports.

The question of whether women should be allowed to play on male sports teams

Interestingly, this argument seems to be brought forward out of completely different motivations. It is certainly true that women on average have less physical strength than men and that a mutual competition would lead to only very few women having a chance to win in disciplines like Weightlifting or Athletics — probably even if we more widely introduced different divisions in height and weight.

However, it would allow those few women to participate in tournaments that are more prestigious and better paid. Moreover, in many disciplines physical predispositions are not the key factor for success, for example in Bowling, Darts or Pool Billiard.

On average, women currently perform worse than men even in those disciplines. However, this might be mostly due to environmental factors like less women taking up these sports and being less encouraged and promoted.

In the long run, suspending the gender segregation might lead to men dominating certain disciplines and women establishing themselves as leading in others. This would be similar to what we can now observe with regard to black and white sportspeople. Blacks athletes tend to dominate Running, whereas whites tend to dominate Swimming.

Absolutely, Women are just as fierce and capable

However, people do not propose to segregate disciplines by skin colour — with good reason. Such a rule would rob certain groups of the equal opportunities they fought for, e. I regard it as fair to create equal opportunities in sports rather than to aim for equal performance.

But how can opportunities be created that are really equal also in terms of popularity and payment in the case of men and women? Is gender segregation the right way to go here? Steve August 1, at 2: So the the real question for me is, how do you best assess whether men would have a biological advantage in the sport that could not be overcome?

If you can prove they do, then segregation is probably the right choice. I must also say however, that this advantage is probably often assumed more than proven. Sean O hEigeartaigh August 1, at 4: For example the World Cross Country has been recently cut back to once every 2 years and is on borrowed time, whereas the Euro Cross-Country remains yearly and is at no such risk of cancellation.

The question of whether women should be allowed to play on male sports teams

Steve August 2, at I suppose some would argue that the reason the women have never beaten the men is that they have never had to compete with them, and since it is thought impossible then it is never achieved.

This would imply the gender leagues are otherwise equal, show a more realistic ranking without forcing a lot of the female sports women out of their livelihood. And who knows, if it turns out after a few years that the women are generally able to compete with the men, then maybe the gender division could be removed.

If women were to compete against men they would hardly ever win probably never in physical sports. I think we should celebrate are differences and keep it just how it is for the benefit of women Sean O hEigeartaigh August 2, at If you pick any running race the length of time between 1st and 10th will nearly always be much greater for women than for men.

Nadira Faulmueller August 2, at 3: I am thinking about two things, and I would very much like to hear your opinion on that: Why are these disciplines like Golf and Bowling segregated?

Steve August 3, at Probably they were initially separated for historical reasons, and now could afford to be mixed. The only problem I can see is that in a lot of technique sports strength still does play a part, like how far you can hit the ball in golf, or how much power you can knock down pins with in bowling a heavier ball and stronger throw will knock down more pins, watch one of those devices that rolls the ball for kids to see the proof.

Though I am not sure how valid that is. As for your first point, I would say no.Beyond the question of whether a woman could do it is the issue of whether female athletes should use a male standard to judge their own excellence, particularly when women's leagues need to.

As a parent, you may be struggling to find a sports team for your child to play on. An important concern is whether your kid should play on a single-sex team or a co-ed team.

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A team mixed with boys and girls has many benefits, including friendship building and stereotype urbanagricultureinitiative.comd: Jun 17, However, should girls really be allowed to play on boys’ sports teams? I say the answer the answer is no.

But, first, let’s settle something once and for all. Home > Opinions > Sports > should girls be allowed to play on boys' sports teams. Girls can play football and base ball yet the male population believe that us females are to fragile and can not do it.

I have 5 brothers and each of them have played every field sport almost. in general I think girls should not play on boys' sports teams. Now, going back to the original question of whether a girl should be allowed to play on boys’ sports teams, I would counter by asking if boys should be allowed to play on girls’ sports teams.

Should a WNBA team, for example, be allowed . It would give more girls a chance to try different sports. It would be a great chance to make new friends and work on getting along.

Finally, the best teams should be made up of the best players whether they are girls or boys. Girls should be able to play on the same sports team as boys.

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