Theoretical perspectives of customer relationship management marketing essay

Your problem statement and research questions will serve as the basis for preparing your theoretical framework. Sample problem statement and research questions Company X is struggling with the problem that many online customers do not return to make subsequent purchases. Management wants to increase customer loyalty and believes that improved customer satisfaction will play a major role in achieving this goal.

Theoretical perspectives of customer relationship management marketing essay

Pin Write the questions: An introduction which both sets up the task and the rest of the paper, and introduces the core concepts that the task is designed to deal with. You might also take this chance to scope the work — for example the time frame that will be used to assess the marketing success for the case organisations.

Description of the two cases. Describe each case, each organisation and the sources of your information. Evidence of Marketing-related success leading through to a competitive advantagefor the firm. Marshal all the evidence that you can that you think reveals that each organisation has well and truly found success in the marketing realm.

Provide a detailed analysis of how each organisation achieved its success in marketing terms. Summarise the key points and what can be learnt from the overall analysis.

The primary aim of this assignment is to explore your capacity to analyse the marketing strategies and marketing processes of real organisations and determine their effectiveness.

Theoretical perspectives of customer relationship management marketing essay

It also aims to determine your ability to analyse such practical matters using early concepts such as marketing intelligence, market segmentation and target marketing to name a few examples covered in the formative weeks of the unit. Basing your arguments on the academic literature that you have studied in the first six topics of this unit, write a report on the ways two different organisations have been able to compete in their markets.

Your report should discuss the following points about each of the two organisations: Evidence that the organisation has again a competitive advantage from their marketing processes. Theoretical analysis of the reasons for the achievement of this advantage.

Your discussion is to be based on two suitable published case studies.

Discuss the theoretical principles behind Customer Relationship Essay

This means case studies published in the academic literature — for example, the series of case studies in a textbook, or published in journals etc. Case studies and short articles in newspapers, magazines, website opinion pages and the like are definitely not acceptable, although such materials may be used to supplement the published case study and your analysis.

All sources must be properly referenced. If in any doubt about the suitability of a case study, seek an early ruling from your tutor. This is a substantial piece of scholarly work and will require extensive engagement with both unit theory and at least two detailed case studies.

Choose your two cases. They all need to be published cases in academic sources e. It is obviously important that each case represents an instance of a company achieving a clear success in terms of their marketing function. Analyse and locate evidence. Begin to analyse each case in terms of the two questions — particularly question one listed previous.

It is vital that you respond to both questions, but the evidence successful marketing practice is more likely to be in the case material itself.

Sample problem statement and research questions

Be sure to reference all sources properly. Consider using relevant models and theoretical perspectives to make your analysis. Evidence that you understand and can use tools discussed in the early topics of the unit will add value.In this essay I’ll talk about theoretical frameworks.

I’ll give at least 3 examples APPROACHES AND STRATEGIES OF THEORY DEVELOPMENT Basic Elements In Theory Building Relationship among THEORY, RESEARCH and PRACTICE PRACTICE RESEARCH THEORY * Relationship between THEORY and RESEARCH Research validates and modifies theory.

Theoretical perspectives of customer relationship management marketing essay

* Relationship. Customer Relationship Management, commonly referred to as CRM, is defined as the customer-oriented approach of a business that comprises of analysis, planning, controlling and co-ordinating of the relationship between a company and its customers; the relationship is developed and nurtured by means of various state-of-the-art technologies.

CHAPTER 2: MARKETING PUBLIC RELATIONS (MPR): A THEORETICAL OVERVIEW relationship marketing perspectives, and also has a strong product and/or service focus.

Definitions of marketing which marketing management could base their planning. Sellers realised that they could. Essay on customer behaviour.

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or "e-Commerce" E-commerce covers online processes that touch customers, suppliers and external partners, including sales, marketing, order taking, delivery, customer service, purchasing of raw materials and supplies for production. Building Customer Loyalty: A Customer Experience Based Approach in a Tourism Context Martina Donnelly both customer relationship management (CRM) and brand literature indicate that PHILOSOPHICAL PERSPECTIVES.

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