Writing pens for men

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Writing pens for men

Pens, Paws, and Claws would like to welcome author Eric Woods to the blog. Tell our readers a little about yourself and your writing. Beginning in third grade, my teachers would Writing pens for men short stories for the class to write.

While most of the class took the assignments with little significance, I became enamored with the art of storytelling. I began writing outside of class simply for fun and made it my mission to someday write a novel. My genre of choice was horror. I had become a fan of the 80s slasher film series such as Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, to name a few.

The idea of good vs. Coming up with strong protagonists and evil antagonists drove me to come up with creative stories. During my undergraduate years at the University of Illinois Springfield, I took a class on playwriting.

This was a new genre in creative writing, and I took to it immediately. A year later, after I had graduated with an English degree, the same theatre performed my dark comedy The Living End. In total I have written 10 full length stage plays with two others still in process.

My creative writing took a hiatus for many years. But this time was different. I had an idea, and instead of haphazardly jumping in with little direction, I thought about the story, the characters, the settings, and everything else it would take to get through to the end.

I wrote character sketches revising as neededput together an outline, and set a modest word per day goal. The editing and revising process was intense, but by JuneI was finally satisfied and decided to self-publish the novel.

Although I have always been a fan of horror, this novel belongs in the action-drama category. My second novel, however, is indeed of the horror variety. My first edit bumped the word count up to approximately 93, words.

My hope is to have it ready for publication by October, in time for Halloween. Now that I have figured out the method of writing that works for me, the ideas have poured in. I am already outlining my third novel which should be a unique style that I do not believe has been done before in the world of creative writing at least I hope not.

Tell us about your pets. Are any of them models for pets in your writing? I currently have two dogs Thor and Hilda and one cat Zazu.

Last November we lost our dog Maddux to a sudden illness, and we were fortunate to find and adopt our two current pooches a few weeks later.

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They are a wonderful addition to the family. What are you reading now? I need to circle back to my Stephen King list and revisit Duma Key before starting his newer novels.

The Outsider looks extremely thrilling. What writing projects are you currently working on? The idea was sparked by a friend of mine who created a unique piece of jewelry. As I studied it, the ideas began to flow, and next thing I knew, I had outlined an entire novel.

Also, my third novel is currently in the outlining stage, but I have yet to officially begin writing the text. Who is your favorite author and why? As a horror movie buff and avid reader, it was only natural that I journeyed into the word of King and his novels.

Did you have childhood pets? If so, tell us about them. I had one dog as a child.Express your style with desk and office Accessories that are both functional and incredible to look at from Tiffany & Co.

Writing pens for men

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Writing pens for men

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